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Published: 17th November 2008
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One of the first things to decide on when you design your new kitchen is the type of countertop to choose. There are many types to choose from, including varieties of granite, marble and synthetic materials. There are many reasons why the growing trend today is granite.

Looks-Beauty and Elegance:
Granite is beautiful and elegant. It is available in a variety of striking colors and finishes, making it easy to match to the rest of your kitchen decor. The hardware you choose for your cabinets can be matched to the natural grandeur of the granite to enhance its polished shine. The natural designs in the granite forms a good backdrop for the overall design of your kitchen so everything flows and blends nicely.

Textures-Rich and Elegant:
The large blocks of granite removed from the earth are converted into slabs. This technology allows for less pattern variation and discoloration. Also, unlike tiles, there are fewer cuts or scratches to reduce the chances of dirt or grit in crevices. Granite countertops provide a uniform, solid surface once they are cut and polished.

Strength and Durability:
Granite is a hard, durable stone, quarried from deep in the earth. It is resistant to heat, extreme temperature changes and it doesn't chip or crack easily. Once it is properly sealed, it is not as vulnerable as synthetic materials to staining or discoloration from chemicals, hot pots or spills. Granite does require some maintenance, but with very little effort, it will maintain its beauty for many years of use.

Return on Investment:
Granite is a relatively expensive material and will add to the overall cost of remodeling your home, but it is a great investment, because of its beauty and durability. If you are planning to sell you home in the future, a buyer will have less room for negotiating your price down if they don't need to endure the expense and effort of remodeling the kitchen.
Since granite is a natural stone product, it is very easy to maintain its beauty and elegance. Because of its known strength and durability, there is no need to worry about it losing its look over time. With minimal care you will be able to preserve the look and finish of your granite countertop for years to come.

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